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Contradance is a style of American, partnered  folk dancing that originated in New England  and is now found around the world. At  most dances, a live band plays  traditional songs, while a caller leads  participants through the dances. It's  great fun for all ages. There's no need  to bring a partner and don't worry if you've never  Contradanced before - we'll provide all the instruction you need  in a friendly atmosphere.    Most of us Contradance not because of its historic significance but because it’s  fun. Contradance is energetic, flirtatious, active and inventive. It’s also easy to do –  most folks can catch on very  quickly and have fun from the very  beginning.  The dance has roots back as far as the  17th Century; it was danced mostly in New  England and a few other rural areas. It’s been in  and out of favor many times since then. There’s   a a current revival  of interest especially among young  dancers that started in the Carolinas, in  New England, in L.A. and now in  Florida.   A typical evening of Contradance begins with an introduction for new  dancers followed by a number of individual dances. There are also  typically a few waltzes or other similar dances.  Beginners are welcomed by more practised dancers and mistakes are  made but we’re here to have fun and most dancers will go out of their  way to help newcomers learn.  The dances at The Barnacle are traditional dances with live music. The program includes a brief period  of teaching before each dance and the evening begins with easier dances and more individual  instruction. 
The Hillbillies From Mars and Wild Asparagus are two favorite traveling Contra-dance bands.
Contradance offers many opportunities to improvise with your partner.
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